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What Defines a True Ruggedness

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What Defines a True Ruggedness
What Defines a True Ruggedness

Дата начала:  11 апреля 2022 г. 2:53

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Laptops used by everyday consumers rest in relatively benign environments, indoors, at room temperature, and rarely exposed to harsh weather like rain or snow. On the other hand, laptops used by on-field workers and automation industries face much more extreme climates than ordinary ones. Thus, they need a reliable device to perform in harsh conditions. Hence, when deciding the right products, you should be armed with the correct information that leads to better choices—the better technology that staff has, the better decision-making and operation effectiveness are.
GWINBOOK L140TG-4 Rugged Laptop Made to Work
The Winmate GWINBOOK L140TG-4 Rugged Laptop was specially designed for the industrial market. L140TG-4 Rugged Laptop powered with Intel® 11th Gen. Processor Family – Tiger Lake Processor and Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system. It supports wideband connectivity options such as Wi-Fi 6, BT, GNSS, and 4G LTE (optional) to keep workers connected in the very most remote locations.
The L140TG-4 is designed to make work easily accessible and less laborious. Its new and brighter 14-inch screen with optical bonding and anti-glare treatment to support sunlight readability. It also has diverse touchscreen input options, including fingertip, pen, or glove, giving you more input options besides the available touchpad and keyboards.
GWINBOOK L140TG-4 Rugged Laptop Made to Last-long
It is common to bring the computing device and use it outdoors under the bright sunshine in some industrial sectors. Yet not many computers offered on the market are appropriate for such a demanding environment. To meet the circumstances, all of our appliances, no matter their ruggedness level, passed the strenuous tests done by the Winmate R&D teams and the independent, internationally recognized third-party test labs.
The L140TG-4 meets MIL-STD-810H and IP65 compliance to ensure its durability.
Use It as a Tablet or a Laptop
The 360° hinge on the L140TG series has a silky-smooth, step-free flip but holds the display securely at any angle. It offers the versatility to use the device in any mode you choose: laptop, stand, or tablet. The hinge is also tested to ensure maximum reliability for total peace of mind.